Sunday, November 6, 2016

Old Rag: A few pictures from a very crowded mountain

We volunteered on Old Rag both days last weekend. It was a madhouse. The weather was good, though, and other than everyone in the tri-state area deciding to hike there, the weekend passed without incident.

The six of us walking up the Weakley Hollow Fire Road. The fall colors are late and somewhat subdued this year. Still pretty, though.
 The ravens were out, enjoying the sun and the wind.
 Up on the summit on Saturday.
 Looking north from the summit on Saturday.
 Sunset on our way down through the rock scramble
 Sunrise at our campsite on an old roadbed in the forest.
 Hiking up the ridge trail on Sunday.
 Oak leaves.
 The spot where I always take a picture.
 Sunday crowds on the summit. This doesn't capture half of the people up there.
Looking down the rocks scramble from the summit.

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