Saturday, June 20, 2015

Garden Update

Things have been coming along in the garden. After a very dry May, June has been very wet. I think this is because we installed an irrigation system near the end of May. We haven't had to water much at all this month.

We harvested the garlic already. This should be enough to keep up until next summer. I separated the best bulbs to plant in October.
Large Flat Dutch Cabbage. Here's to sauerkraut in the fall.
Raspberries are coming in strong this year. We've been getting lots of them every night for the last week or so. We probably have another week of them and then we'll get more in August.
 Speaking of raspberries, we have these tiny little gray bugs on a few of the canes. My google skills are failing me. They appear to be insects (as opposed to arthropods). They are probably 2-3 mm long and they leave a white web-like substance behind on the canes. If anyone has any ideas, I would be interested to hear them. If they are harmless, we are happy to coexist with them, but if they will damage the canes, then I'll start plucking them off.
Green tomatoes! I have three tomato beds this year. These are Brandywines.
A small sunflower.
A Mammoth Sunflower. I got both sunflower starts at the co-op. They were supposed to be the same variety, but they are clearly not. You can see the smaller one in the lower left corner of the photo. Either way, I love seeing them in the garden.
 Nasturtiums in one of the flower beds.
Tiny eggplants.
Black-eyed Susans.
Blue-eyed grass. We found a fair amount of blue-eyed grass growing in the yard, so I transplanted some of it to one of the flower beds and it has taken off. The flowers are about the size of a dime and they are related to irises.
Cosmos growing near the garage.
Another volunteer in the yard: Rose Campion. So pretty.