Sunday, November 20, 2016

A New State Park and the Last Trip to Old Rag This Year

I'm a bit behind on posting due to work travel. Last weekend was our last on Old Rag for the year. It was cold, but considering it is November, the weather was pretty good. There were a lot, A Lot, of people out hiking. Most people were in pretty good spirits, though, the day passed uneventfully. The leaves had mostly dropped.
Two volunteers hiking up the fire road. I love this stretch of the road, lined with Tulip Poplars
 Robertson Mountain, across Weakley Hollow from Old Rag.
 The view to the south, towards Fork Mountain, from the summit of Old Rag
 Once again, another crowded day. It was pretty late at this point, so we were trying to encourage people without lights to mosey on down the mountain ( have an hour of daylight left and at least two hours of walking...).
The spot where I usually take a picture. After a conversation with another volunteer, I went through my photos. I've taken a picture at this spot 48(!) times (I've probably been up Old Rag 60 or so. I didn't take pictures here the first few times I hiked it and there have been other times where I busy with a rescue or only hiked the back side of the mountain).
 Sunset looking towards the southeast
 November 12 was just before the Supermoon the following Monday morning, so the moon was really bright. I took a ridiculous number of pictures of it.
 A nice closeup of the moon.
 Another sunset shot.
The moon over the lights of Etlan to the east.

The first weekend of November, Michael and I had a number of things that we needed to do. We still wanted to do something outside, so we went up to North Point State Park early on Sunday morning. The park is just outside of Baltimore and only about 45 minutes from us. There is a small network of trails winding through wetlands and stands of trees. We were lucky enough to see a fair number of birds.
 A Great Blue Heron in one of the wetlands.
 One of the wetlands we walked along.
 Another wetland.
 Tall grasses at a viewing platform.
 A woodpecker looking for insects.
 The Chesapeake Bay from one of the trails.
Fall colors.

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