Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Old Rag Season Wrap Up

We were out on Old Rag with Old Rag Mountain Stewards each of the last two weekends. November 1 was cold, cloudy, and really windy. Plenty of people hiked that day, but no one, including us, lingered on the summit. The original plan was to do some training at Byrd's Nest Shelter, high on the mountain. Everyone agreed that Old Rag Shelter, which was lower down, would be a better idea.
 The view of Weakley Hollow from the beginning of the rock scramble. The only places with any leaves left on the trees were those areas somewhat sheltered from the wind.
Looking up the mountain from the first false summit.
The spot where I always take a pictures. It will look like this until April.
A fungus on a downed tree near the summit.
The summit was completely socked in. Once in a while, the clouds would lift just a little bit and I got a misty view of the trees below.
Looking down the saddle trail to Old Rag Shelter. Even down here, it was brutally cold.
Maple leaves blowing in the wind.

This past weekend, we were out again on Saturday. The weather was much nicer, which meant the crowds were out in force. By the time we pulled into the parking lot, just after 10 a.m., it was full and the neighbor's pasture was half full. Not to mention the flying monkeys hovering over everything. Definitely a fall Saturday at its best on Old Rag. This time, training was a photographic scavenger hunt, which, I have to say, was a lot of fun. Thanks to ORMS leadership for putting it together.
 Hiking up the fire road. Very few trees have any leaves left.
A bit of rappelling training.
The view from the summit.
Looking down the Ridge Trail and the rock scramble near dusk.
A raven perched on a boulder in the rock scramble.

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  1. Thanks for this post and thanks to all the ORMS members for their 2014 service. Happy Holiday wishes to them and theirs. Whether it is being there person or seeing an online post/pictures I never tire of Old Raggedy's ability to provide me with uplifting feelings of beauty, wonder, serenity, and joy. To place me in a state of quiet rejuvenating mindfulness