Thursday, November 13, 2014

Crusher Ridge: A Quick Hike Up To Skyline Drive

Sunday, I actually got a second hike in for the weekend. A number of members of Old Rag Mountain Stewards stayed in Lambert Cabin, which is owned by the PATC, for an end of the year celebration. After working Old Rag on Saturday, we basically had a free day on Sunday, since check-out time was 3 p.m. Four of us climbed the Crusher Ridge Trail from the cabin in Shaver Hollow up to Skyline Drive. Along the way, we only met one other person: The PATC trail maintainer for Crusher Ridge. He had walked almost all the way down from the drive to clear a blowdown blocking the trail (we had to crawl under it on our way up).

The trail zigzags up the ridge. At first, there were a few trees with leaves on the, but by the time we were halfway up, all of the leaves had dropped. Winter has come to the mountains.
Lambert Cabin.
 A few remaining yellow leaves on the lower section of the Crusher Ridge Trail.
 Yellow leaves glowing in the morning sun.
 A milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) seedpod on Skyline Drive.
Looking north from the Stony Man overlook on Skyline Drive.
Another view from the Stony Man overlook on Skyline Drive.
A fern along the trail.

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