Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Garden Update: Summer is Really Here

The garden is starting to produce and we've had enough rain that we've only had to water two or three times in the past few weeks. I'll take it. One of these days we'll have an irrigation system, but for now, watering involves hauling watering cans from the rain barrels.

Most things are doing well, but my cauliflower and romanesco broccoli are not setting heads. In doing some research, it seems that if it gets too hot, they won't produce. I also learned that cauliflower does much better in fall plantings, so I'll get to try again this year. It is definitely all an experiment and some things don't turn out. On to the pictures of things that are doing well:
Our first large tomatoes are ripe. This is a Henderson Ponderosa Pink Tomato. I picked the seeds up at the Missouri State Fair last year. They are a big, beefsteak style tomato that was developed in the late 1800s.
The sun gold cherry tomatoes have been producing all week. These are definitely my favorite cherry tomato.
I was at the nursery and their remaining vegetable plants were half off. I picked up this little pepper. It will change color as it grows, eventually ending up red.
Our watermelons are about softball-size now.
I saved seed from our lima beans last year and planted them this spring. They are growing well so far and are starting to set pods. These won't be ready until late September or October.
Pretty blossoms from some shell beans we are growing.
The enormous blossoms on our winter squash. This flower is about the same size as a dessert plate.
I am growing two different kinds of pickling cucumbers. I've already picked enough to start a crock of fermented pickles. I'll post a picture of that next time.
Brussels sprouts. These seem to be doing well in spite of the heat.
Red and blue potatoes. We still have two bags that we need to harvest, but otherwise, our spring potatoes are done. We have another bucket full, in addition to this one.
A woolly worm sneaking through the asparagus bed.

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