Thursday, June 12, 2014

Garden Update: Rain edition

It has been a while since I did a garden update. Things have grown so much since my last one.  Everything is planted and has come up. Between the very cool spring and our trip to Utah, things are moving a little behind, but they are catching up. It has also been wet enough that we haven't had to water at all. I am not complaining, but I would like to see the sun every few days.
The peas are almost done for the spring. They've actually lasted a long time and produced well, but we didn't plant enough of them. I've been able to eat a few each day in my salads, but there really haven't been enough to use for dinners.
 Our savoy cabbage is starting to form heads.
 Our edamame is up and growing.
 Zucchini sprouts.
 The tomato plants are already waist high and are blooming. This is a Brandywine Tomato.
 Potato blossoms. We should be able to harvest potatoes in a week or two.
Garlic scapes. We planted a lot of garlic last fall. A lot. This was the first batch of scapes and we got another batch almost as large.
What does one do with garlic scapes? The most common answer is adding them to stir fry or garlic scapes pesto. We tried a zucchini (from the farmers market), scapes, and feta pizza, which was pretty awesome.
I also threw some in with some cucumbers (also from the market) and dill to make half sour pickles.
Today, we got our first garlic out of the garden. A few of the stalks got broken and I was afraid they would rot, so I dug them a bit early. I washed these and put them in the refrigerator so we can use them immediately. The rest of the garlic will get hung up to dry, so it will keep for the next several months.

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