Friday, April 25, 2014

Garden Update 3: Flowers

The garden is coming right along now that it has warmed up a little bit. Flowers are starting to bloom and we've been harvesting asparagus and radishes.
Geranium maculatum (Wild Geranium). I planted these last year in front of the house and they are doing really well.
 Little grape hyacinths along the street.
This little bee was hovering around while I was taking pictures of the flowers.
 Our azaleas are starting to bloom.
There's a guy where I work who breeds his own azaleas. When I came in on Wednesday, he asked if I wanted a few of his hybrids. I wound up with 20. They are all about two inches tall and he said he has no idea what color they will be. Pretty cool! We aren't sure where all of them will go yet.
One of the larger tomato starts. They are hardening off outside now, but it is still too cold for them to be out overnight.
We are growing potatoes in bags again. We are trying out the 59 cent blue Ikea bags since various people on the interwebs seem to have had success with them.
A couple of the pepper starts.
Our first radishes are coming in. These are French Breakfast Radishes.

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