Monday, April 7, 2014

Rappelling at Annapolis Rocks

We spent Sunday with Wild Type and another friend at Annapolis Rocks on the Appalachian Trail in Maryland. We arrived early so we would beat the crowds and actually get a spot in the parking lot on US Highway 40. It was cold, below freezing, when we arrived at the parking lot. Sub-freezing temperatures don't bother me in months like December, January, February, etc. It is April now, however, and I'm ready for a few days where the temperature reaches the 70s. There's no sign of spring yet in the mountains.

It is a quick two-mile hike up to Annapolis Rocks. The climb over Pine Knob was a welcome way to warm up. We arrived at Annapolis Rocks, which is usually quite crowded, to find we had it to ourselves. People filtered in and out during the day, but overall it wasn't particularly busy. The temperature eventually climbed enough that it was comfortable without coats and we had a great day playing on the rocks.
Michael getting ready to take the first descent of the day.
 Looking southwest from one of my descents.
 Rappelling down the first pitch.
 Michael demonstrating the value of the autoblock.
Michael watching Wild Type on the second pitch. This one was a lot higher than the first one.

 My shadow on the rocks and a bootshot on the second pitch.
 Looking down at the ground.
 And back up to the top.
 Interesting lichens on a rock.
Michael carrying both ropes on our way out. 

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