Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Off Trail and Back in Reykjavik

We are back in Reykjavik after nine days of backpacking from the lava fields of Laki to the glaciers of Skaftafell.  I don't really have any idea how far we walked because most of the trek was cross-country.  We rarely followed any trail at all.  Our guide has run the trip a number of times and he said that he doesn't take the same route twice.  We had three days of glacier walking, crossed several moss-covered lava fields, saw amazing waterfalls and flower-filled canyons, and got volcanic ash into absolutely everything.  It was a tough, physically demanding hike, but it was completely worth it.  We also trekked with 8 other amazing people, including our guide.  The group got along pretty well considering that we all met the night before or the morning the trip began.  We all got along so well, that we were happy to spend our remaining day in the little hamlet of Skaftafell together.

Once we get back home, I'll post pictures.

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