Friday, July 13, 2012


Just a quick update:  We made it to Reykjavik, Iceland yesterday morning after a sleepless overnight flight.  The weather here is in the 60s, so it was pretty chilly when we arrived, after a week of triple digits at home.  We strolled around the city for a few hours and then took a whale watching tour.  The tour made a stop at an island where large numbers of puffins are breeding.  They are pretty cute little birds.  We saw a couple of minke whales later in the afternoon.  We also met a very nice local and his son on the tour.  After we disembarked, he insisted on treating us to dinner from a hot dog stand.  That sounds sort of odd, but hot dog stands are a bit of a specialty in Iceland and it was, indeed, very good.  We thanked him profusely and then realized later than we never got his name.

We are off today for our trek.  Here's hoping we have good weather.

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  1. Any creature that can fly at sixty and dive to two hundred feet below gets my vote for coolest creature ever! I hope you all enjoy the Puffins as well as the rest of your trip.