Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Old Forge to Pen Mar: A Short Hike on the Appalachian Trail

We went out for a short hike on Saturday with a friend of ours. We hadn't hiked the seven mile section of the Appalachian Trail from Old Forge Road in Pennsylvania to Pen Mar Park on the Pennsylvania/Maryland border and, given our friend's evening commitment, it was a good day for a short hike. We probably hiked in the "wrong" direction, since hiking north to south on that section has much more uphill than downhill. Not a bad thing from a character-building standpoint, I guess.

The hike is a pleasant walk through the snowy woods. We had lunch at Deer Lick Shelter where we met the only other people we saw on the hike. The only clear view on the hike was right at the end at Pen Mar Park.

Antietam Creek right near the Old Forge Picnic Area parking lot. This area was covered with a lot of ice.
A clearing, I think for a gas line.
Ice sliding off of the roof of Deer Lick Shelter.
The Appalachian Trail through mountain laurel.
Our canine escort for this hike.
The trail near Pennsylvania State Highway 16.
The smallest white blaze I've ever seen. This tree is about as big around as my thumb.
Crossing into Maryland.
Railroad tracks below Pen Mar Park.
The view west from Pen Mar Park.

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