Sunday, August 10, 2014

Garden Update: Beans

The garden has been a bit of a mixed bag. I feel like we are losing a pitched battle for the tomatoes with the squirrels. Just as the tomatoes are ripe, the squirrels come in and rip them off of the vine, take a single bite out of them, and scatter them around the yard. Most everything else is doing well, though. We have several kinds of beans planted and all of them are producing like crazy.
These are Christmas Lima Beans. We planted them from seed we saved last year. They are just starting to come in. These beans are about the size of a quarter. Unlike many other colored beans, these actually keep their color when they are cooked.
Bird Egg Beans or Cranberry Beans. These are one of our favorites. They have a wonderful creamy texture when cooked. We picked the last of them this week.
Fresh soybeans. I planted three waves of these because they all get ripe at the same time. I picked a gallon of them on Thursday night.
The brussels sprouts are getting bigger. They probably have another month or so before they are ready. They are probably the slowest growing plant in the garden aside from garlic.
Our last head of savoy cabbage.
One of our Dutch Crookneck Squash, a large winter squash.
Kale and spinach for fall. I planted a bunch of kale, cauliflower and brussels sprouts this week.
Dill flowers.
A hot Serrano Pepper. My peppers have done terribly this year. They really like heat and it just hasn't been that hot this summer. All of the plants are still small and not producing much.

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