Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend in Missouri: The Missouri State Fair and a 4-H Reunion

This past weekend was all nostalgia and memories.  I was in 4-H for almost ten years as a child and teenager. I have great memories of the activities, the projects, the camps, trips, and most of all, the friends I made at county 4-H events. Most of the non-family people that I am still in close touch with from that period of my life are 4-H friends. This year, one of the women from my former club decided that we should have a Johnson County, Missouri 4-H reunion at the Missouri State Fair. For non-4-Hers, the State Fair was a huge event for 4-H kids. Even if you didn't show livestock, which I didn't, there is an entire building at the fair dedicated to showing the best 4-H projects from all of the county fairs across the state.  We would go to the fair when I was growing up to see our projects and to see what other clubs were doing around the state.

I decided I couldn't miss the reunion and the chance to see the fair again.  Once the flights were booked, the rest of my long weekend filled up pretty quickly.
I borrowed a bike while I was there. I enjoyed riding roads I had only driven before or hadn't ridden since I was a kid. This was Thursday morning. Every single vehicle that passed me (a total of about six) waved. This is looking west towards my hometown.
Big round bales in a field on my ride.
Helianthus divericatus (Woodland Sunflower) along the road in Pertle Springs Park in Warrensburg, Missouri.
Water lilies on the lake in Pertle Springs Park.
Friday night, I joined friends at a pre-season Chiefs Game at Arrowhead Stadium.
Friday night, I stayed with the friends above. I woke up absurdly early - before everyone else - and found a beautiful sunrise over the fields.
Saturday, we went to the Missouri State Fair. We were a bit confused by the weather:  At a normal fair, it will be hot enough to fry eggs on the pavement. Baking in the blazing hot sun and sweating through your clothes was just part of the charm and experience. This year, the high was only around 80, which just seemed odd. I am not complaining.
Johnson County, Missouri's banner in the 4-H building.
The Midway. I'm pretty sure that most of the rides haven't seen any maintenance since I was in high school.
The farm equipment at the fair. This combine will set you back nearly $350,000.
Fair food.
 I'm not sure if the sign is accurate, but we had a pretty good time people watching.
The ferris wheel in the fading light. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

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