Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garden Update: Blueberry Edition

A quick garden update:  We have ripe blueberries!  We planted the bushes in March after much debate about where they should go.  They are completely loaded with berries and we are getting more and more each day. We might have enough to bake with if we'd just stop eating them.
 A ripe one ready to be picked.
 Our daylilies are in bloom.
 All of a sudden I realized that the wax pepper plants are producing.
 Potato flowers.
A nearly ripe raspberry.  We are having mixed success with the raspberries.  We seem to have gotten an infestation of Raspberry Cane Borer.  They burrow into the canes and cause the ends of them to wilt.  Once we realized what was going on, we pruned off the infected canes, so hopefully that helps the plant recover.
Soybean pod.
Pretty green tomato.
Zucchini blossom.  Some of these are destined for fried squash blossoms.

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