Sunday, March 31, 2013

Assateague Island

My parents have been in town visiting, and on learning about the famous ponies on Assateague Island, decided it was something they couldn't miss.  Michael and I have been out there before, but only by bike as part of the Seagull Century, so we hadn't really explored any of it beyond the entrance to the state park.  We spent yesterday out there, doing a bit of walking around, enjoying the beach, and seeing the ponies.  The weather wasn't too cold and it wasn't very windy, which is unusual.  Since it is the off season, the beach wasn't crowded, either.  Of course, it was far too cold to do more than dip a toe in the water, but we had a good time anyway.

Pictures (click to enlarge):
 Michael walking on the beach.
 A large clam shell.  This one was about 6 inches across.
 A bird track in the sand.
 The waves were really small yesterday, probably a result of the lack of wind.
 The boardwalk of the Forest Trail, which leads out to the Bay side of the island.
 Looking out over the bay from the Forest Trail.
 Reflections of trees in a pond on the Forest Trail.
One of the famous ponies.

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