Monday, April 9, 2012

Wildflowers and Good Friends in Georgia

I spent the weekend in Madison, Georgia with good friends.  While we didn't hike long distances, we did get out for some nice, long walks.  They are birders and were previously scheduled to lead a bird walk as part of a local conference.  I tagged along and learned a lot about birds and the ecology of Central Georgia.  We also saw lots of local flowers.  Best of all, I got to spend time with friends that I don't get to see nearly enough.

Pictures (click to enlarge):
 A mustard field on an evening walk near my friends' house. 
 Salvia lyrata (Lyre-Leaved Sage) along a roadside.  S. lyrata is a member of the Mint Family.
 Viola sp. (Violet) along a roadside.
Rock Eagle Effigy Mound at the 4-H Rock Eagle Environmental Education Center.  The mound is estimated to have been built between 1,000 and 3,000 years ago. 
An Eastern Bluebird in a field.
Hexastylis arifolia (Little Brown Jug Plant).  This little oddity is a relative of Asarum canadense (Wild Ginger)
 A small (~1.5 inches) scorpion that was under a log at Hard Labor State Park.
Trillium catesbaei (Catesby's Trillium, Rose Trillium) at Hard Labor State Park.  Trilliums are among my favorite spring flowers.  Georgia has a lot of different species, some of which were on display this weekend.
T. catesbaei (Catesby's Trillium, Rose Trillium) in pink at Hard Labor State Park

 Trillium cuneatum (Purple Toadshade) at the Athens Botanical Gardens.
 Trillium discolor (Pale Yellow Trillium) at the Athens Botanical Gardens
 A spiky caterpillar.
 Primula meadia (Shooting Star) at the Athens Botanical Gardens
 Chrysogonum virginianum (Carolina Green and Gold)
Coreopsis grandiflora (Coreopsis)

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