Monday, March 5, 2012

New Lens and a Cold, Windy Ride

We took a weekend off of the trail weekend.  We had some things to do and we needed to get a bike ride in.  Last week I ordered a new macro lens for my camera, which arrived on Friday.  The surprise nice weather Saturday afternoon presented an opportunity to go down to Rock Creek Park to test it out.  The only native wildflowers out were Simplocarpus foetidus (Skunk Cabbage) and Claytonia virginica (Spring Beauty), but there were a number of pretty non-native plants blooming.

We have started training for this year's Garrett County Gran Fondo's Savage Century.  I'm not sure, after last year's experience, what convinced us to sign up again, but signed up, we are.  Yesterday, we got out for a ride in northern Montgomery County:  43 miles of cold wind.  It wasn't the strongest ride I've ever had, but it certainly wasn't the worst.  I feel like I am starting from a better base than I had at this point last year.  We have four months to get ready, bad can it be??? (famous last words).

Pictures (click to enlarge):
An invasive buttercup in Rock Creek Park.  This photo has a depth-of-field problem, but I liked the detail on the flower's center.
Crocuses blooming in a yard near Rock Creek Park.
A daffodil blooming in front of a house.
I took a few pictures of one of our Phalaenopsis orchids to test out the lens. 

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  1. I wouldn't call it a depth-of-field problem. I actually love the soft focus on the stamen. Looks like a fun lens!