Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RAGBRAI: Day 4 Update

We are in Altoona, Iowa, near Des Moines, tonight. We did 100 miles yesterday between Carroll and Boone, which included an extra, optional 28 mile loop. The optional loop was nice because there were far fewer riders on it (which might be an indication of our lack of sanity). It was 97 degrees yesterday, so we rewarded ourselves with homemade ice cream in the shade from one of the vendors along the road.

Today's ride was only 57 miles, so we rode quickly, but lollygagged at lemonade stands,snow cone stands, and in towns. The road was flat and it was very sightly cooler than yesterday, so we had a good ride.

I am writing this on my phone, so I will post a longer entry later.

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